Cosmetics in Hotel Römerhof

Treat yourself to a spa day!

A fresh, healthy appearance is a natural spring of well-being.

Our certified beautician Bettina is available at the spa-hotel every Wednesday and pampers you with selected treatments. Of course she uses only the best of products to ensure silky-smooth skin, a radiant complexion and beautiful hands.

Phytomer Facial Treatment (60 min.)
Warm sea mud, cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow plucking, deep cleansing, massage, mask, nutritional treatment for the day
Special Facial Treatment (90 min.)
Cleansing, exfoliation, eyebrow plucking, deep cleansing, massage, mask
QMS Anti Aging Facial (90 min.)
Specialised treatment with collagen and fruit acids
Eyelash Tinting (15-20 min.)
Eyelash Tinting (with additional collagen-fibre eye pads and an eye massage)
Eyebrow Tinting (10 min.)
Facial Lymphatic Drainage (30-45 min.)
Body Exfoliation (20 min.)
Full-body Aromatic Wrap (45 min.)
Manicure (with hand massage)
Manicure (with hand massage and additional pack or exfoliation)
Eyebrow Plucking
Duration may vary, from € 5,-
Upper Lip Hair Removal (variable duration)
Duration may vary, from € 7,-
Detox Bath (25 min)
The popular bestseller from Hollywood!
We offer you a great opportunity to get rid of toxins through a special footbath in the Ion Detox machine. The water changes colour depending on the toxins that are removed.
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