Wine Cellar Hotel Römerhof

Paradise for wine lovers in the Gastein Valley

The stones of our wine cellars date from the imperial period - but quality speaks for itself, regardless of age. This especially applies to the fine wines that are stored and mature in the beautiful ambience of our wine cellar. Saint Urban keeps watch - lovingly carved for us by one of our guests.

In our exquisite collection are excellent vintages of Austrian and international wines that promise to accompany the perfect dish on our menu or offer pure enjoyment at the highest level on their own.

The mood lighting and the soothing murmur of the small fountain make the wine cellar in the Römerhof the ideal place for tasting wine in an already tasteful setting. Our trained sommeliers, with their years of experience, are available to help in selecting the right wine and are happy to answer any questions. Enjoy your culinary gourmet holiday at the hotel in Salzburg!

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