Three types of desserts

Menu of the Hotel Römerhof

Culinary Highlights in Gastein

Take a quick look at our menu to see what awaits you - “Bon Appétit!”

Römerhof farmer's salad

with roasted bacon crusts

fried potatoes and feta cheese

small 9.80 large 15.50


Spring salad with strips of fried chicken 14.50


Baked potato and sheep's cheese patties

on mixed leaf salad 14.50


Homemade Tafelspitzsulze

with Styrian seed oil 11,50


Carpaccio of Gastein alpine ox

with fresh parmesan and rocket 17


Clear beef soup with pancakes or semolina dumplings 5.90


Cream of asparagus soup

with watercress and pink pepper 7,90


Homemade asparagus noodles

with roasted pine nuts,

parmesan and fresh herbs 19,50


Wild garlic risotto with pesto

and braised vine tomatoes 16.50

Fried char fillet

on wild garlic risotto and vegetables 28


Marchfeld asparagus with potatoes from this year

and farmer's ham 29


‘Our fried chicken’

baked in clarified butter

with potato and lamb's lettuce 17.50






Wiener Schnitzel

baked in clarified butter

with herb potatoes,

cranberries and leaf salad

of veal 29 of pork 18,50


Viennese boiled beef „Tafelspitz“

with creamed spinach, roast potatoes,

chive sauce and apple horseradish 28


Pink roasted sirloin steak (entrecote)

with roast potatoes, market vegetables and Bearnaise sauce 36


For dessert we recommend:


Rhubarb cream with marinated strawberries

and almond biscuits 9

 ‘Mousse au chocolat’

with two kinds of sorbet 9,90



with roasted plums 14.50


Apricot pancakes

(2 pieces) 8,90


Vanilla panna cotta

with crispy crumble

and wild berries 9,90



Lemon sorbet with vodka and Prosecco 7.90


Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries 8.50


Walnut ice cream with hot blackberries 8.50



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