Three types of desserts

Menu of the Hotel Römerhof

Culinary Highlights in Gastein

Take a quick look at our menu to see what awaits you - “Bon Appétit!”

Place setting
Freshly baked bread with homemade spreads
Pongau Farmer’s Salad
with roasted, crispy bacon, fried potatoes and goats cheese
Homemade Prime Boiled Beef Brawn
with Styrian pumpkin-seed oil
Gastein Alpine Ox Carpaccio
with fresh Parmesan and rocket
Selection of summer salads
with your dressing of choice
Beef Broth Soup
with potato pancakes or semolina dumplings
Meadow Herb Soup with Chantarelles 
Homemade Mushroom Pasta 
with Parmesan and fresh herbs
Main Courses
Homemade porcini pasta
with Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs
Char Filet
with glazed cherry tomatoes, sugar snap pea pods and parsley potatoes
cooked in butter with peppers and parsley potatoes
“Our Baked Chicken”
baked in clarified butter, with potato and green salad
Veal Wiener Schnitzel
cooked in clarified butter with herb potatoes and cranberries, and a side salad
Rare Roasted Rack of Local Tauern Lamb
atop garlic sauce with organic potatoes from Lungau roasted with the lamb
Gastein Alpine Roast Beef
with rocket, roasted rosemary potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables
Beef Medallions from Organic Gastein Alpine Oxen
with baked creamy potatoes and local vegetables
“The best of chocolate”
Apple Pancakes
with caramel sauce and homemade elderflower ice cream
Seasonal Fruit Salad 
with lemon sorbet
Salzburg Dumplings
with cranberries, for two people (only when available)
Creme Brulee 
with spices and ice cream

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