Woman getting a massage

Massages at the Hotel Römerhof

Relax with a massage

Let yourself be pampered by expert hands on your spa holiday in Gastein.

Our trained therapists help create the composition of a wellness and beauty treatment programme at your initial consultation, including the appropriate ALPIENNE care products used to suit your individual needs. The natural herbs and oils combine to provide maximum effect. Painful tension is released, stress is relieved and a general increase in your well-being results.

Comfortable temperatures and high-quality herbal essences offer heavenly relaxation in the soft pack bed. Stimulating aromas, deep penetrating warmth and soft light merge into a true wellness dream.

Full body massage € 35.00

Full body massage € 68.00

Back massage: 25 min. € 35.00

Sports massage: 25 min. € 35.00

Lymph- drainage: 25 min. € 38.00

Foot reflexology massage: 25 min. € 35.00

Aromatherapie: 25 min. € 39.00

High-quality massage oil mixtures with roses, lavender and rosemary pamper the skin and harmonize the senses.

Oil of life: 25 min. € 38.00

Stimulates blood circulation, regenerates skin cells, relieves tension and muscle cramps, alleviates joint pain

The benevolent power: 25 min. € 38.00

With arnica massage milk increases blood circulation; has a cooling and increasing effect performance; relieves bruises, Tensions, helps with sore muscles

Balsam for skin and nerves: 25 min. € 38.00

With massage milk has a calming effect - against exhaustion and insomnia, nervous discomfort and scarring, Sunburn and skin cracks

Nectar of the gods: 25 min. € 38.00

Honey - Peeling - Massage

Moisturizes, gently cleanses and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple an incomparable feeling of freshness.

Alpienne Römerhof-special: 25 min. € 38.00

Vitalizing back massage with steam-heated massage of the back herb stamps

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