Heal cave

Gastein Healing Cave

Invigorating and immune system stimulating

The unique climate of the Gastein healing cave offers relief for many ailments. You will certainly feel it!

The Gastein healing cave therapy has a positive effect on the immune system and grants noticeable relief of symptoms of many ailments, respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma), inflammatory rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases (e.g. ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis) and chronic pain, such as that resulting from a sports injury, for example.

This unique cave climate is created by:

  • the natural radon content of the cave air (on average 44 kBq/m³)
  • the air temperature of ca. 37 to 41.5°C
  • the relative humidity of 70 to almost 100%

Entering the cave via train takes you about 2.5km into the mountain where your body is gently warmed. Together with the high humidity, your body achieves a higher intake of radon gas, which activates cellular metabolism with low-level radiation. This cellular self-healing and the increased production of inflammation-mediating materials leads to an overall improvement in the health of 80 to 90% of visitors to the cave.

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