Snow shoe hikers

Winter Hiking in Gastein

Snowshoe Hiking in the Gastein Valley

You'll hike through the silence of nature to experience these romantic trails and magnificent panoramic views. Even away from the slopes and cross-country trail, you can see Gastein in winter at its best. And it requires very little in the form of preparation: all you need are warm clothes and sturdy shoes. You’re ready to start experiencing the area on well-maintained paths by foot. The Hasenauer family is happy to advise you on romantic trails or you can simply rely on your own senses - you’ll certainly enjoy the journey to your destination regardless.

Night Hiking

Even after experiencing traditional winter sports during the daytime, you can still end your day with winter hiking at night in Gastein. Such a hike is especially romantic at night: the moonlight glistens silver on the mountain ridge and the only sound for far and wide is the crunch of snow under your shoes. A truly magical experience!

Snowshoe Hiking

Slightly more energy is required for snowshoeing. You'll certainly be rewarded with a unique experience. Together with a trained guide you will make your way through the untracked snow scenery of the Gastein Valley. The snow shoes make sure that your feet do not sink too deep into the snow. Of course, your guide will bring you to the most picturesque places and will have plenty to share about the Gastein Valley and its people. And don’t pass up on the opportunity to stop for refreshment at a cosy alpine chalet while out snowshoeing!

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