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History of the Hotel Römerhof

The story behind the family run hotel in Dorfgastein

Dating back to the Middle Ages are records indicating that guests were entertained and housed at this very location.

As early as 1340, the "Taferne" (tavern) was mentioned in numerous documents and in 1421 the Archbishop of Salzburg, Eberhard III. von Neuhaus, granted it a number of special rights. This meant that from that point on, the service and sale of "wine, brandy and mead" was allowed. Over the centuries, from the small tavern on the site of this original "Dorferwirth" (village tavern) a stagecoach stop was developed that later turned into a local village inn. In 1896, the Hasenauer family took possession of the property and have managed and maintained it ever since.

In 1964, Römerhof opened its doors on the site of the "Dorferwirth”. Franz and Helene Hasenauer quickly turned the hotel into one of the most popular hotels in the Gastein Valley. During construction in the early 1960s, the ancient “tithe tower” - called the “Römerturm” or Roman tower by the locals - was unearthed, becoming the centrepiece of the hotel that it is today.

Thomas Hasenauer took over Römerhof’s operations in 1983 from his parents. Since then, he and his wife, Hannerl, have devoted themselves with love and dedication to their guests. In 1989, the idea of expanding and renovating the "Römerturm" was put into action. It is connected to the main house via an underground passage and is home to the quiet room of the wellness and spa area and the exclusive three-storey tower suite.

In the summer of 2011 there was once again a major renovation of the hotel: it included the redesign of spacious double rooms and five suites . Furnished entirely with natural materials such as wood, wool and linen, these rooms are characteristic of the mix of tried-and-true and modern - a major theme of the hotel.

We aim every day at Hotel Römerhof to connect traditional hospitality with modern amenities - in general and down to the small details. Stay with us and you too will be a part of this success story. We look forward to welcoming you at Römerhof!

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