Couple takes a rest while hiking in the mountains

Additional Activities in your Holiday in Gastein

Adventure and sports, recreation and nature

From spring to autumn there are many additional activities for guests on holiday in Gastein to choose from.

Tennis - Mini Golf - Archery

Play heated matches on the tennis courts of Dorfgastein or freshen up your game with a session under the watchful eye of a trainer. Mini golf also presents both young and old with a ton of fun. Particularly enjoyable and popular is the sport of archery. Put your marksmanship to the test on the sport-shooting practice range.

Fishing - Horseback Riding - Climbing

The idyllic nature isn’t just a dream for hikers and cyclists in the Gastein Valley. How about a few hours for fishing? You can also enjoy a break away from the action while on horseback with your children. On the backs of these proud animals you get to reach the most beautiful places around Gastein.

Even climbers will find everything their hearts desire in the Gastein Valley: from the beginner wall to the hardest of routes for the toughest of pros. The Gastein mountain guides know the terrain like the back of their hands and the equipment shops in town have the right gear and advice.


Those for whom even the highest peaks are not high enough can enjoy the freedom of the skies while paragliding. Head off on your first paragliding experience in the care of a trained professional and enjoy a tandem flight over the Gastein Valley.

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