Gastein from above

The Gastein Card

Attractive benefits with the Gastein card

The Gastein Card guarantees added value during your summer or winter vacation in Gastein Valley. Whether visiting a spa resort, taking advantage of our many opportunities for wellness and therapy, riding the mountain lifts, enjoying outdoor sports, visiting the casino, traveling on public transportation, and so many more holiday activities, Gastein simply offers you more for your money!

Where do I obtain the Gastein Card and what does it cost?

The Gastein Card is available exclusively from your hotel. It is free of charge and valid for the full
length of your stay in Gastein.

What does the Gastein Card offer?

With the Gastein Card, many of the local tourist offices’ programs - such as guided theme hikes,
cycling tours, concerts and much more - are open to you free of charge in all three of the valley’s
towns! A lot of our private outdoor, sports and leisure tourism providers, as well as many wellness
and health care facilities, will give you attractive discounts if you show them the Gastein Card!
Above all, take advantage of the money-saving opportunity to use the wide-ranging public
transportation network that serves the entire Gastein Valley!

What do I need to be aware of ?

The Gastein Card is valid for the entire duration of your stay, beginning the day you arrive and
including the day of your departure.
If the Gastein Card is improperly used or wrongfully transferred, it will be immediately revoked
and withdrawn.

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